Shockfree for Paddings

The well known and reliable technology of Trocellen Tatami mats for martial arts is now being successfully used in the Footwear & Clothing industry. Maximum shock absorption combined with lightweight and faster prototyping and production processes create a unique possibility to increase the profitability of your business and the satisfaction of the end users.

shockfree insoles woman


Cross-linked PE foam

  • 70 kg/m³ (medium-soft)
  • 50 kg/m³ (soft)

Perforation available in 1.5, 2,3 and 4 mm holes diameter with different patterns


  • Clothing paddings for shoulders, elbows and knees


  • Lightweight
  • Long lasting shock absorption
  • Breathable material through perforation process
  • Thermo moulding used in prototyping and production processes

Tested Performance


  • Trocellen Shockfree was tested together with different types of PE and PU foams.
  • Test made by Ricotest, worldwide known laboratory for footwear testing.



  • Maximum comfort and safety for end users
  • Increased breathability of paddings through perforation
  • Simplified prototyping and production processes with improved quality and technical performance of the final product
  • Trocellen Shockfree provides excellent shock absorption to the final application