Shockfree for Insoles

The well known and reliable technology of Trocellen Tatami mats for martial arts is now being successfully used in the Footwear industry. Maximum shock absorption combined with lightweight and faster prototyping and production processes create a unique possibility to increase the profitability of your business and the satisfaction of the end users.


  • Cross-linked PE foam
  • Densities:
  • 115 kg/m³ (stiff)
  • 90kg/m³ (medium)
  • 70 kg/m³ (medium-soft)
  • Perforation available in 1.5, 2,3 and 4 mm holes diameter with different patterns


  • Insoles for any type of shoes
  • From safety footwear to generic free time footwear


  • Lightweight
  • Long lasting shock absorption
  • Breathable material through perforation process
  • Thermo moulding used in prototyping and production
  • processesshockfreeforinsoles1

Tested performance

Trocellen Shockfree was tested together with different types of PE and PU foams. Tests made by Ricotest, worldwide known laboratory for footwear testing.



  • Maximum comfort and safety for end users
  • Increased breathability of shoes through perforation
  • Simplified prototyping and production processes with improved quality and technical performance of the final product
  • With Trocellen Shockfree designers have complete freedom for fashion trends fulfilling the requirements for impact absorption.